Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Health in Sri Lanka through Innovation – Jendo, your simple solution for prevention and detection of Heart Diseases

As a start up team, we at are constantly on the lookout for ways to make your life simple. We are always inspired by those who share this vision and have made it a large part of our corporate culture to support other start ups who look to offer simplicity to every Sri Lankan through different segments.

Jendo  is one such brand that has introduced a completely novel product to the medical industry of Sri Lanka. We are certain that this innovation by Jendo will not just make life simple but also help individuals live a healthier and fulfilling life. The product Jendo is a device that helps monitor the function of the endothelial layer of the heart to assist in early detection of cardiovascular disorders.

Jendo was co-founded by Keerthi Kodithuwakku, Isuru Rajakaruna and Charith Vithanage. The team was acclaimed as champions at the John Keels X awards for Innovators.

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We had the pleasure of speaking to Keerthi Kodithuwakku from team Jendo about the product and the future plans of the company. According to Keerthi, the need for a product like Jendo came about with the realization that even though a number of treatment procedures currently exists for cardiovascular diseases, that prevention and early detection hasn’t been given sufficient attention. The Jendo device inspects endothelial function which has the ability alert doctors about possible chronic cardiovascular diseases that initiate in the endothelial layer of the heart. When detected early, necessary changes in lifestyle can be made to reduce the risks of organ failure and other diseases.  

Apart from cardiovascular disease diagnostics, Jendo can be used as a household device to monitor heart rates, oxygen saturation levels and other important health parameters. The test at a hospital will only cost an individual two dollars, while purchasing the device for more regular use will cost close two hundred dollars.  The device is not just cost effective, but also extremely simple to use as its small and non-invasive. A simple clip on a finger reads the pulse rate of an individual and gives an indication of the functioning of the endothelial layer.

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Innovation through collaboration is the key mantra that drives the team at Jendo. Keerthi noted that there is rarely any collaboration between doctors and engineers in Sri Lanka which limits the possibility for innovations that could change people’s lives. At Jendo, these two segments are bridged together to offer world class innovations to Sri Lanka. 

He further focused on the importance of making one’s passion their profession in order to find success in life. A product like Jendo was completely new to Sri Lanka, therefore was definitely a risky project to undertake. However, Keerthi and the team were passionate to solve this pressing problem of cardiovascular diseases and found a simple solution that takes all of us a step closer to deal more effectively with such diseases. Jendo has currently received its ethical clearance and has served a number of individuals during its testing phase. It will be officially launched in collaboration with the leading private hospitals in the near future. 

Save Your Monkey greatly appreciates the effort by team Jendo and wishes them all the very best for their future innovations.