Ask Amaya – Week 3 [Comprehensive Insurance – What does “comprehensive” really mean?]

Hello everyone!

We’ve been having the most incredible few weeks since the launch of the new website, because of all the great feedback that we’ve been getting from you guys. We are thrilled to know that Save Your Monkey makes your life easier and your insurance purchases simpler.

Today, I’m here to clarify a doubt most of you have brought to us with regard to the proper definition of comprehensive insurance.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that comprehensive insurance is an extremely subjective concept. There isn’t a right or wrong definition for it and insurers have all the right to tailor their comprehensive insurance covers according to their preference.

However, it’s important that you purchase a comprehensive insurance for your vehicle and not merely settle for a third party cover. It may seem like a lot of money spent at the point of purchase, however, if and when you meet with an accident or your vehicle is damaged due to robbery or natural peril, the investment you made will matter the world to you.

When deciding which comprehensive insurance to choose from, make sure to consider all of the factors and not just the price. Like with any high-value product, the cheapest option isn’t always the best option with insurance.

You can visit and get a comparison of covers for your vehicle in minutes. Along with the price comparisons, you will also be given a breakdown of what your policy actually covers. These details will be further elaborated on the policy documents which will be sent across to you. Make it a point to take your time and read through the finer details of your policy toe ensure that you are making the best choice on your insurance.

As an example, two insurers can offer comprehensive insurance coffers that seem pretty similar at a glance. However, these could have a significant difference in price. You’d obviously choose the cheaper option because hey! who doesn’t like to make cost-effective decisions?

But what you really need to look into are the different elements that are covered by the policy. For instance, one policy may include a cover against natural perils as an additive feature to their cover, while the second does not. Sometimes, the extent of cover for the same risk may differ from one policy to the other.

At the same time, don’t forget to be aware of the very point of buying insurance – to safeguard yourself against all possible risks. Some covers such as natural perils may seem pretty unnecessary to you at present. However, there is always a possibility of your vehicle being affected by a flood or landslide at a point where you least expect it.

Therefore, don’t compromise on your future and safety because of a few thousand saved and choose an insurance that gives you that added sense of assurance that you are looking for!

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