A start up that envisions bringing people together- Find out how the Ceylon Ramblers Club came to life

At Save Your Monkey, we strongly believe in originality and appreciate those who work hard to introduce novel concepts that enrich the lives of the Sri Lankan people. Sudha was one such individual that we had the pleasure of talking to,  who was the brains behind the trendy new start up The Ceylon Ramblers’ Club.

Subramaniam Sudhakaran, more commonly know as “Sudha” was the Head of Technical Accounts and Service Operations at a Software Solutions Company that specialized in business intelligence solutions. He was a loyal employee at this organization in Colombo until one day, he decided to take a chance on a dream that he had as a child.

As a young boy, Sudha loved to hike. “I used to cut classes and go off on hikes with my friends,” he said, fondly remembering what was probably a pretty amazing time in his life. However, with time, like most childhood hobbies, his hiking trips became irregular and eventually diminished completely.

He then started his career at Dialog Axita and became a permanent member of the corporate world. He excelled in many positions in the field following his first appointment. However, he knew that it wasn’t the right job for him and decided to explore other avenues. His first attempt at starting his own initiative was to build a farm, a project that would give him the freedom he longed for – which however didn’t quite go his way.

About the same time, Sudha was inspired to work out and get back in shape. And the best way he knew how to do it was through the thing he loved the most – hiking. He got back to his hobby, which paved the way to the conception of the Ceylon Ramblers’ Club.

Through the Ceylon Ramblers’ Club, Sudha hopes to reach out to like-minded individuals and allow them to feel the joy and freedom of travelling.

He works with his co-Director, Jehan De Silva to specialize in offering tours that include extreme sports, camping, and hiking.

Ceylon Ramblers’ Club differentiates itself from other travel providers through its mission to build a community and not just a business. What Sudha really intends to provide is not just great travel experiences, but access to people with whom those experiences can be shared with. He wants to build a community that is closely knit through the trust and confidence they place on each other. He wanted to recreate the feeling that he experienced with his close friends when he first started hiking as a young boy.

Thus started Ceylon Ramblers Club, a platform for travel enthusiasts to come together and build friendships that are honest and sincere. Membership is given based on recommendation or a validation process, where visitors have to join the team for a number of trips after which they can apply for membership that is granted by the club following a screening process. What Sudha hopes to achieve through this validation process is to build a community that can depend on each other without any doubt.

Even though this start up seems unusual and challenging, Sudha finds great fulfilment through it. “Even though I don’t regret my time in the corporate world, I truly wish that I started Ceylon Ramblers’ Club much earlier. I’m finally enjoying the happiness and freedom that I always wanted.”

“I started hiking to get over my fear of heights, I believe that travel gives everyone the opportunity to get over their fears and embrace new experiences in life, and I just want to make sure that people have access to it.”

Witnessing the introduction of such novel concepts to the start up eco system of Sri Lanka is truly amazing and Save Your Monkey wishes Sudha and his team the very best for the future.